Newsreels Of 1951: Volume 1 DVD

Between 1929 and 1967, Universal-International newsreels were released twice weekly, many narrated by famed announcer Ed Herlihy. It was almost impossible to attend a motion picture that was not preceded by one. Top production crews traversed the nation and the globe to bring the leading stories in politics, entertainment, sports as well as national and global affairs, back to eager audiences. Highlights from this collection include Truman asking for national unity in the Korean crisis. Seoul is in flames as allied forces are driven from the Korean capital. Truman compares Stalin to other dictators. The violent end of gangster Frank Costello. Ben Hogan wins the U.S. open. General Matthew Ridgeway’s 8th Army strikes back at the invading Communist hordes inflicting devastating losses on the enemy. Naplam warfare is introduced in Korea. Dean Acheson testifies in the Mac Arthur hearings. A catastrophic train wreck occurs outside of Philadelphia and Texas is ripped by deadly tornadoes. Allies blast Communist forces trapped below the 38th parallel.Price:  $ 6.98   Read More and Buy it here!

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