Headline News November 03, 2016

Buddhism is not a religion-it’s something much better
Peaceful of Life
“The dharma that I preach can be understood only by those who know how to think.” ~ The Buddha

Discovering Eastern Nepal
Here, we present to you a short list of places in Eastern Nepal that are definitely worth a visit and the good bit about it is that it won’t break your bank …

On being an Indian Gorkhali or a Nepali in Northeast India- the identity crisis continues!
Often as I walk down the memory lanes to recall the advent of Nepalese in India, it irks me to know how I am still referred to as being a Nepali from …

Nepal Launches Its First Trade Portal, NTIP, with the Assistance of SGS
On September 27, 2016, Nepal launched the pilot version of its first trade portal – the Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP) – configured with the …

Special ‘Doctor Strange’ screening for Nepal crew
New Delhi, Nov 3 (IANS): Marvel Studios is holding a special screening of “Doctor Strange” for the Nepal crew members who worked on the Benedict …