5 Ways To Establish A Personal Brand On The Internet

5 Ways To Establish A Personal Brand On The Internet

Ashley Stahl , CONTRIBUTOR

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Your online brand should be an accurate reflection of who you are both in and out of the office
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Social Media

Odds are, you already Googled everyone from your Tinder date to your prospective employer. But did you ever stop to think that they probably Google YOU as well? Tinder aside, 93% of employers said they will search for your social media profiles during the interview process. What does your online presence say about you? It’s time to get it in check.

As a career coach to millenials, I have seen things go south quite quickly. Candidates come to me looking for help because they don’t realize what they’re doing wrong. They have the perfect interviews and referrals, and yet, can’t land a new gig. It turns out, employers were running the other direction once they saw the other side of these candidates on Google. They were looking for someone who fit in with their corporate culture, but instead, found photos of late night mistakes and trash talking tweets. Don’t let that be you.