How to save money using a reusable K-Cup filter and still make a great cup of coffee | Starbucks | Peet’s Coffee |

K-Cup vs. Reusable K-Cup Filter Price Comparison —how much money can you save average in 1-year? Drinking 1 cup = $182.50 per yearDrinking 2 cups = $365.00 per yearDrinking 3 cups = $547.50 per yearDrinking 4 cups = $730.00 per year

Narendra Modi and the struggle for India’s soul

The Economist When the world’s biggest electorate handed Narendra Modi a thumping victory five years ago, India seemed poised for far-reaching change. His party had won an outright majority of seats in the national parliament, a rare feat in India’s fractious politics. This was not only punishment for tarnished incumbents or reward for Mr Modi’s hard-working, […]