Nepal News Feeds December 2016

Nepal News Feeds December 2016

Google Translate (English/Nepali)

With Google, it’s VERY EASY to translate from English to Nepali now! Just “Select Language Nepali” from the drop-down and it will automatically translate the whole page into the Nepali language. To switch back to original English, just choose English.

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December 29, 2016
Persuading Nepal to read
The Kathmandu Post
Dec 29, 2016- The US Embassy’s Book Bus is launching a new programme—Nepal Reads, on December 30, at Basecamp, Sanepa. The event slated … …

The Japanese who transformed Nepal’s tourism industry
Nikkei Asian Review
POKHARA, Nepal — In the chilly, pre-dawn darkness, a convoy of cars slowly ascend a winding road toward Sarangkot, a hamlet on the edge of …

December 26, 2016
Growing up Thamel: How Kathmandu lost a literary culture to a pale fire
From the article: Flung to the future, blast from the past, blowing through as you watch another wasted sunset fade into the mauve light of night …

Ancient idols of gods under serious threat in Nepal
Ancient idols of archeological importance have been smuggled from Nepal before being sold in the international market. The theft of idols occurred …

December 25, 2016

Online application service for driving license begins
Nepali Headlines
25 Dec, Lalitpur: With the government launching an online service to register the application for driving license of a two-wheeler and a scooter, the …

Strawberry mountains
Nepali Times
While Japan’s high-profile highway projects in Nepal get all the attention, less well known is the work Japanese social entrepreneurs are doing with Nepali farmers to transform livelihoods in an earthquake-hit region of the Himalaya …

December 23, 2016

Ginger farmers worried as prices plunge 40pc
The Kathmandu Post
“A few months ago, India had restricted entry to Nepali ginger citing pesticide contamination,” Ghimire said. “Now middlemen are reaping the benefits …

December 22, 2016

Mobile phones third most traded commodity in Nepal
KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Mobile phone is the third largest traded commodity in Nepal after petroleum products and iron, according to the officials of …