Moynihan’s Kathmandu paintings on display

Moynihan’s Kathmandu paintings on display

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Apr 24, 2018-Internationally-renowned artist Maura Moynihan’s art exhibition titled Who Loves Kathmandu More Than Me? opened at the premises of Kathmandu Art in Lazimpat on Saturday. The exhibition features a collection of Moynihan’s modern-contemporary artworks inspired by the Kathmandu Valley.

Artist Moynihan who has been making frequent visits to Kathmandu since the 1970s said, “When you fall under the spell of Kathmandu Valley, it is impossible not to paint,” adding, “I have great admiration for the people of Nepal. It is a plausible fact that Nepal’s stability is sustained by the artisans.”


Glimpses of Kathmandu Valley from not so long ago

Glimpses of Kathmandu Valley from not so long ago.
Photographs from the 1960s and 70s in this week’s issue of @nepalitimes by Daniel W Edwards

There are many photographs from the early 1900s that give us an idea of what Kathmandu Valley looked like a century ago. Most of those pictures were commissioned by the Ranas, who brought in photographers from Calcutta to take snapshots of their opulent palaces. They are a valuable visual documentation of a Nepal before the country opened up to the outside world…MORE

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