The Best Countries for Business 2019 – Forbes List

  1. United Kingdom (GDP: $2.6 trillion)
  2. Sweden (GDP: $536 billion)
  3. Hong Kong (GDP: $341 billion)
  4. Netherlands (GDP: $832 billion)
  5. New Zealand (GDP: $201 billion)
  6. Canada (GDP: $1.7 trillion)
  7. Denmark (GDP: $326 billion)
  8. Singapore (GDP: $324 billion)
  9. Australia (GDP: $1.4 trillion)
  10. Switzerland (GDP: $679 billion)

17. United States (GDP: $19.5 trillion)

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World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions, Ranked

1. The Strip – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Especially at night, The Strip is overtaken by car and foot traffic.

Annual Visitors: 39.6 million

2. Times Square – New York, New York, USA49 of 50NEXT

Times Square fills with tourists when it's time to see Broadway shows.

Annual Visitors: 39.2 million

3. Central Park – New York, New York, USA

Central Park's Bow Bridge lures those seeking photo-ops.

Annual Visitors: 37.5 million

4. Union Station – Washington, DC, USA

Union Station is best avoided during the spring and early summer.

Annual Visitors: 32.8 million

5. Niagara Falls – USA and Canada

Niagara Falls boat rides are wildly popular.

Annual Visitors: 22.5 million

6. Grand Central Station – New York, New York, USA

Grand Central Station is popular among visitors and locals alike.

Annual Visitors: 21.6 million

7. Faneuil Hall – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

History buffs descend in droves upon "the Cradle of Liberty."

Annual Visitors: 18 million

8. Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom – Orlando, Florida, USA

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando attracts more visitors than the California park.

Annual visitors: 17.5 million

9. Disneyland Park – Anaheim, California. USA

Disneyland Park opened in 1966 in Anaheim, Calif.

Annual visitors: 15.9 million

10. Forbidden City – Beijing, China

Forbidden City cracks the top 10 of the world's most visited attractions despite setting crowd limits.

Annual Visitors: 15.3 million



YouTube’s highest-earning star is seven years old

A seven-year-old boy has been named as YouTube’s highest-paid star.
Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview, earned $22 million in the year to June 2018.
His fortune was made from videos of himself reviewing toys.

YouTube’s highest-earning star made $22 million in 12 months – and is only seven years old.

According to a Forbes estimate published Monday, Ryan — the child star behind YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview — earned $22 million in the year to June 2018, and is one of the platform’s top “influencers” with 17.3 million followers.



7 signs you’ve outgrown your job

We all have bad days at work. Sometimes, it’s more like a bad month or even a bad year.

But how do you know if it’s just a temporary work rut or a sign you’ve outgrown your job and it’s time to move on?

1. There’s no room for growth
2. You don’t feel satisfied
3. You aren’t getting new opportunities to learn
4. You don’t align with the company core values
5. Your salary hasn’t budged
6. You become a work daydreamer
7. You watch the clock



How To Tell If Your Interview Went Well And If You’re Likely To Receive A Job Offer

Interviewing is similar to dating, as both activities involve trying to find out if the other person likes you and the interest is mutual. You fantasize whether or not this new opportunity has the potential to turn into a committed relationship. On a date, you’re on your best behavior and struggle to read the signs to see if the other person views you as an attractive partner. After the date, countless hours will be spent nervously obsessing over analyzing every detail and asking friends their opinions based upon your interpretation of the date.



7 Supertall Buildings in the Works Around the Globe

Per the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, there are currently 133 “supertall” skyscrapers with architectural heights over 300 meters, or 984 feet—three-fourths of which were built in the last decade. And plenty more are on the way, with 20 expected to be completed in 2018 alone.

Read on for seven record-breaking buildings now on the rise—among them, three “megatalls” set to surpass 600 meters and knock longstanding titleholders, including the mighty Burj Khalifa, off their lofty pedestals.



Kashmir’s ‘Wall of Kindness’ brings warmth during harsh winter

A group of young people in Indian-administered Kashmir start wall where residents can donate clothes for those in need.

Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir – A sweater hanging on a fence in Indian-administered Kashmir’s Srinagar caught Ali Mohammad’s attention.

It was a cold day, the start of Kashmir’s harsh winter, and most people were bundled in a traditional Pheran, a thick cloak worn by Kashmiris to stay warm.

Mohammad, who was in his 60s, walked up to those standing nearby.

“Son, how much for this sweater,” Mohammad said.

“Uncle, these are not for sale, but they are free for anyone in need,” a young man replied.



Nepal grants Americans 5-year multiple visa

The Cabinet meeting has approved a new visa regime between Nepal and the United States.

As per the new rule, US citizens who apply for a tourist visa will get five-year multiple entries into Nepal. Americans with tourist visas can spend a maximum of 180 days (per year) in Nepal, according to Information Minister Gokul Baskota.