Meet the 10-year-old coder grabbing the attention of Google, Microsoft and Michelle Obama

Scroll through Samaira Mehta’s Instagram and you’ll see that she is a lot like other kids her age. She posts about having a lemonade stand, going swimming and doing the “In My Feelings” dance challenge.

But she also stands out from other 10-year-olds — Mehta is CEO, founder and inventor of CoderBunnyz, a board game that teaches players as young as 4 basic coding concepts. Players draw and move their bunny piece along the board with the goal of eating carrots and hopping to their final destination.

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More tourists are visiting the country, but they are spending less money

Tourist arrivals crossed the coveted one-million mark for the first time in 2018, with 1.17 million foreign visitors streaming into the country, but their spending plummeted to a seven-year low.

According to statistics from the Tourism Ministry, expected to be released next week, the average spending per tourist per day dropped to $44, the lowest in seven years. The average spending was $54 per day in 2017…continue reading

How Did Chickpea Flour, A Staple Of Indian Cuisine, Become A Health Food Sensation?

There’s a specific section of my family’s fridge that is reserved for the large, seemingly bottomless tub of chickpea flour — or as we and lots of other Indians who also rely on it call it, besan — that my parents keep on hand. We’re not gluten-free, nor do we do a lot of baking. Yet chickpea flour shows up everywhere in our food. It’s the nutty coating for my mom’s green beans spiced with earthy ajwain, the key ingredient in her creamy, tangy, yogurt-based soup, kadhi, and the base for our favorite variety of laddoos, sweet, fudge-like balls flavored with ghee, sugar and nuts.
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Mount Everest tackles 60,000-pound trash problem with campaign to clean up waste

Mount Everest tackles 60,000-pound trash problem with campaign to clean up waste originally appeared on

You don’t need a map to get to the Everest base camp, just follow the trash, says climber Dragana Rajblovic.

Rajblovic knows what she’s talking about: She’s the only Balkan woman to have conquered Mount Everest.

To date, 5,200 men and women have climbed to the peak of the world’s highest mountain, according to Ang Tshering Sherpa, former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. Another 775 are planning to test themselves against the 29,029-foot mountain this year…MORE

What Is the World’s Emotional Temperature?

Think about how you felt yesterday. Did you smile or laugh a lot? Did you learn or do something interesting? Were you angry? Sad? Gallup asked people in more than 140 countries these same questions in 2018 to find out how they are feeling.

Use this interactive to see how you and your country compare with the rest of the planet on 10 positive and negative experiences…continue reading


Experienced Anger
Yes No
Nepal 29% 70%
Armenia (Top) 45% 55%
Estonia (Bottom) 6% 93%

Experienced Sadness
Yes No
Nepal 29% 70%
Chad (Top) 54% 41%
Taiwan (Bottom) 5% 95%

Experienced Stress
Yes No
Nepal 37% 61%
Greece (Top) 59% 41%
Turkmenistan (Bottom) 5% 95%

Experienced Worry
Yes No
Nepal 50% 49%
Mozambique (Top) 59% 41%
Taiwan (Bottom) 12% 88%

Experienced Physical Pain
Yes No
Nepal 42% 57%
Chad (Top) 66% 33%
Vietnam (Bottom) 14% 85%

Experienced Enjoyment
Yes No
Nepal 62% 38%
Paraguay (Top) 91% 9%
Sierra Leone (Bottom) 41% 58%

Feel Well-Rested
Yes No
Nepal 63% 37%
Mongolia (Top) 86% 14%
Kuwait (Bottom) 28% 71%

Learn Something
Yes No
Nepal 29% 70%
El Salvador (Top) 75% 25%
Bangladesh (Bottom) 22% 77%

Smile or Laugh
Yes No
Nepal 45% 55%
Nigeria (Top) 91% 9%
Afghanistan (Bottom) 36% 64%

Treated With Respect
Yes No
Nepal 65% 33%
Ecuador (Top) 97% 3%
Afghanistan (Bottom) 48% 52%

Source: Gallup