Tag: COVID-19 Pandemic

  • There’s No Hidden U.S. Vaccine Stockpile Ready to Send Abroad

    via Bloomberg News – “America’s millions of unused doses aren’t an easy-to-ship surplus…Why isn’t the U.S. sharing its extra vaccine doses with the rest of the world?…America led the world in buying up the messenger RNA vaccines that have proven most effective against Covid-19. It’s now starting to lead the world in not using them.”

  • Nepal Struggles With 2nd COVID Wave as India’s Outbreak Spills Across Border

    via Voice of America “MUMBAI, INDIA – Thousands of Nepalese migrants working in India rushed home in recent weeks seeking safe haven from a brutal second wave of the coronavirus pandemic as it battered the country with sickness and death. Now, the small Himalayan country is confronting a crisis like India’s as its health care […]